Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Next to nude


Sure, you're probably familiar with the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. But let me tell you: it's all that it's hyped up to be. All my favorite neutrals packed in one kit, with both matte and shimmery shades? Surely that's shadow perfection. Ranging from a frosty vanilla as highlight to an intense black and with all kinds of taupe, caramel, copper and mauve tones in between, it's all I need in the eye department. After very elaborate research in Sephora last NYFW, I concluded I prefer this one over the Naked Palette 1 since the 2 has a better division of warm and cool tones and has a matte black which is basically my life essential. Especially dreamy are YDK, a shimmery rusty rose color and Tease, a purplish taupe. Swoon...

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

(ps. I'm sorry I haven't posted an outfit in over a week. Working overtime and a thesis writing boyfriend made it quite impossible. But I promise, you haven't been missing out on anything exciting, I'm clueless on what to wear with this rain!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lace heels


Suddenly these lace heels seemed like the missing piece in my Milan FW packing puzzle. (Mmmyeahh... I'm guessing shopping bans just don't work that well for me). Surprisingly comfortable heel hight, and majorly annoying slingback strap that keeps sliding down. Anyway, I'm walking the streets of Milan in them as you read this, until I fly back home this evening. Ciao, bella!

Zara lace slingback heels (seen in an outfit here)

Outfit: Silver steps

Skin tight silver jeans might not be the classiest of sorts (it's something I imagine Russel Brand going crazy over), but it's definitely fun. These jeans have a slightly shorter ankle cut, and when I noticed the zip details it was a done deal. Next to that, it's just incredibly pleasing to wear a pair of pants that costed about what I'd spend on lunch. 

H&M jeans
River Island top
Zara slingback heels
Balenciaga bag
Iosseliani rings

Contribute to a movie with T-Mobile

I’m a crazy movie fan. And I won’t even deny that, when I was a little kid (ok, and an old kid), I had visions of myself being discovered as an actress and live a glamorous life of Oscars, dress ups and travelling the world. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. But now I, and you, get to contribute to an international movie anyway… 

T-Mobile has put together an cool, international cast and crew to create a road movie, and is looking for your creative input. They will be travelling Europe to film, and want to know your tips for locations, sights, special restaurants, movie music and so on. So if you’ve got a movie worthy spot in your city, know a thing or two about music or photographed some gorgeous sights on your last holiday, share them on www.move-on-film.nl where you can also keep track of idea's used. And your creative idea might be featured a movie with Mad Mikkelsen! (Yes, that guy from James Bonds and Clash of the Titans). 

They're doing this to show us exactly how much fun it is and how easy it should be to share 'on the go' moments (I'm a huge internet-freak, also abroad). Because their new concept makes sharing your travel moments and pictures easier to share, all over Europe. They’ve come up with a low budget internet pass for a day or a week that’s easy to activate. Enter: the T-Mobile Travel & Surf pass. I for sure need to try this out because I'm a total slave to my Wifi and constantly want to keep you updated when I'm at Fashion Week or on another fun trip.

PS. A little bird whispered in my ear that they’re still looking for a female lead role… So don't hesitate to contribute! ;) 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top 5 home to do's

Top 5 things I want in my home:

1. World map wall
A place in my home to daydream of adventure. The world map is such a familiar sight that, when it's blown up in to wall paper, it becomes more of a background print.

2. Big and small rugs
Let's fluff things up! I want one big (wool or cotton?) rug in my living room, a smaller fluffy one next to my bed and small sheep skin rugs in my lucite ghost chairs. I guess I just want very room to be a soft, comfy place.

3. Chalk board paint
To jot down 'to do' lists, a line from a favorite song, new recipes or hidden messages from friends. It's either this or a magnet paint wall or surface.

4. Large mirror
A big mirror opens up the space and - not completely unimportant - gives you a full outfit perspective. I had a baroque style one, in gold, and am now looking for a more clean feel.

5.  Mood board
Not at all original for a fashion office, but still I'd like to create a little place to collect beautiful images, happy notes and random scraps along the way.

Last week I gave you a little home tour tour and I'm glad you guys liked it! As I said, there's still a lot to be done to make it more complete and my own. I've made a top 5 of things I want to create in my apartment, with inspiration pictures to visualize them. 

images via tumblr, desiretoinspire, decorpad, thecoveteur, honestlywtf

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Milan Men's Fashion Week, here I come!

On Monday I'm headed out for two days in Milan during Men's Fashion Week! Pretty exciting, for obvious reasons. Firstly because I'll be there to do an interview with a huge fashion house and witness their show and press presentation. And secondly because being at a Men's FW suddenly multiplies my chances of bumping in to model crush Jon Kortajarena by a million. (Oh, and I hear Ed Westwick is there too!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fashion journal

This Fashion journal compiles some fashionable, random or fun things that happened starting a few weeks ago (festivals and my birthday), to last weeks graduation all the way to the boots I posted on This chick's got style yesterday. I'll be traveling a lot in the upcoming days, so there are some exciting and sunny Fashion journals ahead ;)

What are you looking at?
1) Two work outfits, snapped with my iPhone
2) Gestuz jacket with leather detailing, wishlist material
3) Open Air festival with my friend Malou
4) Some cute birthday gifts
5) Chicken and parmesan pasta at my graduation dinner
6) Random outfit shot
7) Paper hearts falling from the sky at a festival (weeks ago, though)
8) Another item by Gestuz (I love cozy knits) that I snapped on a showroom visit
9) My Italian style birthday dinner
10) New boots (seen in full here)

These boots are made for walking...

The boots I ordered (seen here) are in, and they're exactly what I was looking for in a comfy boot. Sturdy leather, good heel hight and a slight biker style. Great for festivals and other spring activities, since the cut outs make them less 'closed up', and they look good with tights as well. Now I should really try NOT to spend anything until Miami (ok, that's just 3 weeks but whatever. It's not easy with sale seductions!). Did you buy anything nice recently or are you on a shopping ban too?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peru 21 - Round 12

Ibeth Arce

Isabel ‘Ivi’ Pozo

Jamila Dahabreh

Jazmín Higueras

Jazmín Pinedo

Peru 21 - Round 12
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spread the link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/4odmnal42k0d/n/Peru_21_-_Round_12_rar