Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog babes

Just a few days after I met up with Sabrina, I had another date with her and Cindy and Marit (her blog is offline right now). Us four bloggers had a great time shopping, sipping coffee and going to dinner. We've hung out before, so it was nice to see these girls again. And I love blogger meetups. Because you're involved in the same thing you can talk about blogging for an hour straight, without anyone getting bored :P Can't believe New Years Eve is tomorrow! Are you excited?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tweet tweet

Hi! Are you enjoying your holidays? I was featured in the december issue of Eve magazine alongside the lovely bloggers from Life in travel and Tink in my closet. Fun fact; the article was written by fellow blogger Vicky from Magpie girl. (read the big version here)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter parade

The best part about tapered pants is that you get to wear leggings underneath. (And their maximum comfort obviously). This is just a casual outfit, I wore a purple bag with it but forgot to shoot it. My necklace was just 1 euro at h&m, what a bargain! Actually, I've gotten a handfull of new neckwear. Such an easy way to update your look within a small budget.

Christmas is around the corner, so sipping hot chocolate and eating candy is my number one activity. This time of the year always leads me to reflect on the past months. I can't believe another year has gone by, and a great one at that! This year has given me some great opportunities and positive experiences, and much more is to come. I wish you loads of happiness and great outfits in 2010. Big hugs!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Will you make the cut?

Tommy + Heidi = Fashion reality heaven

Fashion reality shows like Project Runway are my guilty pleasure. Once Heidi starts talking, I'm hooked! With little drama and actual talent it might be hard to top Project Runway, but two new shows are premiering tonight. One is The fashion show, hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland (Really? Kelly Rowland?) and the other is The cut. Tommy Hilfiger hosts this show in which 16 designers compete to create a line for mr. Hilfiger himself. So that sounds promising. Both shows have already aired where some of you live, so are they any good?
Either way, I'm tuning in. Auf Wiedersehen! ;)

ps. Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the give-away

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So charming

Let me put it simple: original packaging is the key to my heart. It grabs your attention and really adds to the product. So imagine my joy when I open a box and find a paint can with a scarf inside. Circle scarfs are my favorites and this one from Donni Charm (thanks Alyssa!) is really soft and has a silver charm and little chains on it. This baby is glued to my neck from now on!

Man, it's frrreezing out here, so I stacked up two skin colored tights underneath these dotted ones. (The length a girl goes to to wear her favorite stockings!) Will it be a white Christmass where you live too? ps. You can still enter the give away in the previous post. And you can also make me really happy by following me on Bloglovin from now on!
Circle scarf: Donni Charm - Jacket: Zara exclusive - Dress: Zara - Boots: h&m - Tights: Zara

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1.000 followers = Give away!

So here's what happened. I log on to my blog (a steady morning ritual) and noticed I had passed 1000 followers over night! A THOUSAND followers! Things seem to go by the speed of light. At first I was thrilled with over 500 daily hits. Now each month around 75.000 of you surf to This chick's got style.

You have been amazing, visiting my blog, giving your feedback and leaving sweet comments. A special thanks to the returning readers and visitors, who I always recognize by name and picture. It means a lot to hear from you time after time!

To thank you, I'm (randomly) giving away a bag by Dutch designer Susan Bijl. It's made out of kite fabric and has a great graphic feel to it. Perfect to just throw your stuff in on a casual day. If you're not a follower yet, you can become one by simply clicking on Follow at the right. (you can also participate if you're not a follower). Just leave a comment or your e-mail adress! Big hugs, Yara
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And the winner is... # 34, My I.D. is E.E.D. (I couldn't find your e-mail adress so you can e-mail me on Enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hot date

Yesterday I had a hot date! With a girl that is, and a blogger to be exact. Me and Sabrina from Afterdrk met up in our lovely city of Amsterdam to have lunch and do some serious shopping. It was such a fun day and I really liked hanging out together.

ps. I was featured on the website of Glamour magazine!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leather lover

Chop Chop. That's the sound I'll be hearing tomorrow! I can tell you that I dread a simple haircut like some fear the dentist. Ok, little exaggeration here because my hairdresser is great :P. But still, those saved up inches will be missed!

Big shoulder sweatshirt from zara - Faux leather / suede skirt from h&m - Ankle boots from h&m - Tights from wolford

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You're such a poser

Being called a poser is usually not a good thing. But in this case it is! Mary Kate is working it like a true model at this Nylon shoot. I always love behind the scenes footage! And I'm very impressed with how comfortable she is in front of the camera. Maybe it comes naturally if you're practically raised in the spotlights?

ps. Oops! I accidentally deleted my previous post about big shoulders on a small budget! As I said, I ran in to Andy from Style Scrapbook at Zara. Really nice to meet her in person. Andy has style and a great personality so def check out her blog!