Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big 2011 overview

This year has been about traveling, big personal and career moments and creating great memories. Let me take you though some highlights!

2011 is the year I traveled to London three times, to the River Island head quarters, to John Lewis and My Wardrobe. I visited LFW, and saw the Burberry Creepers fresh off the runway at the Burberry Horseferry house. Paris was big in 2011 as well, with three visits. On a Lancôme trip I met Mario Testino and I had an amazing Paris Fashion Week. Saw a bunch of shows including the Viktor & Rolf show. There were more short trips, like Florence with LuisaviaromaSweden with Nelly and Antwerp a few times. During summer, me and my boyfriend packed our stuff for 5 weeks of Thailand and Vietnam. Sure wish I was on one of those sunny beaches right now!

2011 had some big personal changes in the works. I'm now making a living by blogging and no longer work for my dad's communication company. Then in february I started interning at ELLE and got offered an editor job (yay!). My first designer bag - the Balenciaga - followed to celebrate. And after what seemed like forever (I'm a terrible driver) I got my license. By the end of 2011, the book I published with my father got nominated for the Marketing Literature Prize and I won the ELLE Fashion Twitter Award. On top of things my twin brother moved out of our apartment last week and I now have our place to myself. (Creating a blog office as we speak!) 

Looking back, it seems impossible to have squeezed all of this into one year. I worked my butt off and made my dreams come true. Thanks for all your support during everything! What was your highlight of the year?

Friday, December 30, 2011

St Mackenzies 5

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Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - Blue Bird

Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - Blue Bird

01. Ah-Leu-Cha (C. Parker)
02. Another Hair-Do (C. Parker)
03. Barbados (C. Parker)
04. Billie's Bounce (C. Parker)
05. Bird Gets the Worm (C. Parker)
06. Blue Bird (C. Parker)
07. Buzzy (C. Parker)
08. Chasin' the Bird (C. Parker)
09. Cheryl (C. Parker)
10. Constellation (C. Parker)
11. Donna Lee (C. Parker)
12. Half Nelson (M. Davis)
13. Klaunstance (C. Parker)
14. Little Willie Leaps (M. Davis)
15. Marmaduke (C. Parker)
16. Meandering (M. Davis)
17. Merry-Go-Round (C. Parker)
18. Milestones (M. Davis)
19. Now's the Time (C. Parker)
20. Parker's Mood (C. Parker)
21. Perhaps (C. Parker)
22. Sippin' at Bells (M. Davis)
23. Steeplechase (C. Parker)

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Featured in Gisele Japan

I was featured in a one page spread in Gisele magazine and the issue just landed at my doorstep. Gisele is a Japanese fashion magazine that I don't understand a single word of but that nonetheless looks very appealing. Just seeing this makes me want to go to Japan even more and I'm sure I will someday. Thanks Gisele magazine for sending over a copy!