Thursday, April 29, 2010

New girls on the blog

Remember about two months ago, when I told you I had a photo shoot and interview for the dutch Grazia? Well... it's in stores right NOW! Reasons for you to buy it? It's twice as big as usual, it's the beauty issue and I'm in it! And so are fab bloggers Andy and Rachel! It's pretty strange - yet exciting - to see yourself in a giant picture (it covers a full page!) with your hair & make up done, posing in your room and knowing thousands of people will see it. I really hope you like it!

Read / see the big version here

Monday, April 26, 2010

In the blue days

This outfit is something I wore on the weekend - don't worry, there's a skirt underneath ;) Love this denim shirt and my friend was sweet enough to let me borrow it again. I'm desperate for the perfect light denim blouse but with no luck so far. The cold weather is finally over and I celebrated by getting a few new items. One of them is a parka jacket from H&M but when I got home I noticed that one of the sleeves is very loose at the bottom, so it keeps falling over my hand. A little annoying :P But nothing gets me down with the sun shining!

Denim shirt borrowed from a friend - H&M dotted tights and lace up boots - Zara bag

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sex & Abu Dhabi

After watching the Sex and the City shoebox about five times I'm desperate for some fresh material. Luckily, they just released an extended version of the SATC 2 trailer. And guess what... AIDEN is back - with 2010's most cheasy pick up line I must say. But my four fave girls in crazy outfits, new dialogues and hot men, that´s the best mirrage I've ever seen!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Work wear

Let me introduce you to my street in Amsterdam. Every single brick is taken out and it's a pretty radical make over. Tyra Banks would be proud! Not the prettiest location, but we didn't have much time before the sun set. I wore this easy going outfit to a big brainstorm session of my internship. It was held at a café in the park near my house and the scones were delicious, I have to go back soon! Perhaps in the weekend I'll squeeze some pastry-time in.

H&M skirt, top & shoes - Wolford tights - Zara coral bag

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

We all know shows like the City show us a polished version of reality. Nevertheless, watching it is one of my favorite no-brain activities and I get pretty cought up. After seeing an episode I feel like packing my bags - or at least my LBD - and heading to New York as soon as possible. Lights, Camera, Fashion! I came across the season 3 trailer and hadn't seen it anywhere yet so I thought I'd share the scoop ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Put a ring on it

Rings: Ydeltuyt T: Zara

I was lucky enough to receive these two amazing cocktail rings from Ydeltuyt, a new online shop. I love a big, chuncky ring to spice up an outfit and these definately do the tric! The black ring has some shades of brown in it as well, so chic! And they're really affordable too, so it's worth checking out the shop.

And...This chick's got style on Paris VOGUE!

I'm in a Paris VOGUE online feature on bloggers around the globe! When they asked me to represent the Netherlands, I did a little dance in my living room. It's an honour to be on the website of what I regard as one of the leading magazines world wide. Bonne journée!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Something about these pictures attracts me. I like how the background is not too styled, just a bit chaotic. And I want that last girls outfit!
(pictures via: elenita)