Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's in my bag: festival essentials

 By now I'd say I've mastered the art of putting together my little black handbag with festival essentials. It's a mix of what I normally carry around, without work stuff like an organizer, and with some first aid and beauty extra's. Let me know if you carry different items in your festival handbag!

  • Band aids: painful feet keep you from dancing and that's the last thing we want. These animal printed ones help ease the pain with their cuteness. Gel bad aids for blisters are great too.
  • A small pouch: For money and only the essential bank and ID cards.
  • A lightweight camera: Not an essential for everyone, the iPhone works well too, but I just love taking pictures when I'm on the go, in the sun, with friendsThis one (the Olympus Pen) is my obsession because it has great quality - and Instagram-y filters, yay! - but is light as a feather.
  • Lip balm/ 8 hour cream: This one by Elizabeth Arden is an instant lip repair and also works wonders on dry patches and mild sunburns.
  • Sun screen: You might not notice the heat when you're moving and walking around outside all day, which is tricky. I've had my shoulders burnt on countless occasions and now I come prepared with one that isn't too sticky.
  • Mini hand sanitizer gel: Things can get quite messy at festivals so before I eat something, or just to feel clean again, this is ideal.
  • Chewing gum: I especially stock up on this spicy cinnamon gum called Big Red whenever I'm in the US and my friends are always trying to steal them from me.
  • Hair ties: To pull it back when it gets too hot, to switch up your hair style and just for comfort.
  • Poncho: Don't let a rain drop ruin your festival mood and bring a cute, colorful poncho (perhaps one for two, so you can share the space with a special someone ;) or a girlfriend).
  • Face powder: For some t-zone touch ups if I feel like it.
  • Sunglasses: Obviously a necessity all summer and a nice addition to your festival look.
  • Pocket size tissues: To use as napkins, to clean yourself up, or in case the ladies room runs out of toilet paper.
  • Phone: Obviously. To keep track of your friends and perhaps air some festival Instagrams.

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