Monday, May 14, 2012

Must read blog: Switcheroo by Hana

Just because it made me grin - and because it's a total streetstyle mindfuck - I felt like blogging about the genius Switcheroo project. I felt it just belonged in the 'must read blog'-category which is more focussed on interior and lifestyle, mixed with some art and random cuteness (yay, because who doesn't like cuteness!).

Looking at these dual portraits from the Switcheroo project I noticed something funny happened in my mind. Everything seems 'normal' when people wear their own clothes and I almost instinctively know what I'm looking at. Once they've switched those, all of the sudden I need a second to get the picture. I'm guessing my brain automatically labels these items as 'female' (a dress with daisies!) or 'male' (over the knee baggy shorts!). And when the gender cues get mixed up so does my head, obviously. Does it have the same effect on you guys? Moving on to a less pseudo-psychological note :P Some girls are really rocking those guys outfits.

All images from Sincerely Hana

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