Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sale Shopping: tips and trics

I've written you a Sale shopping 'how to' below :) Tell me your sale strategies and successes in the comments!

Great bargains, red sale signs and groups of people can be overwhelming. That - and the thrill of finding something cheap - have often led me to waste money during sale. How to go in with a plan? 


þ Do your research
Register for newsletters from your favorite stores. Some stores have fixed sale dates, some will announce it in a newsletter. Also; browse the online shop of your favorite store to pre-select what you want to try on in the actual store.

þ Make a wish list
What do you need? Non-seasonal pieces or basics like a leather jacket, shift dress, a clutch, knitwear, a lace skirt or denim shirt are perfect sale buys. 

þ Go for high end brands and luxurious fabrics
Which luxury brands would you love to shop bout can normally not afford? Sale is the time to get a high end item for what you'd normally spend on the high street. Same goes for fancy fabrics like silk or cashmere, that might otherwise be too expensive. High quality, low price... Score!

þ Set a budget
You're almost ready to go! Now set a budget and stick to that. However; allow yourself one 'must have' that you run into.


þ Would you buy it full price?
Getting a cheap item might be exciting in the store, but once you wear it, your sweet deal is irrelevant. The garment still looks, feels and fits the same. So make sure it suits your style and you would love it the same if it were full price.

þ Will you like it next season?
Ask yourself if it's just a one season wonder. By the time you'll actually get to wear it, you might not like it anymore if it's too trendy. So use the wish list: those wardrobe staples will last all year long.

þ Wear comfortable (and your favorite) clothes
 Wear something comfortable that's easy to change out of. Another tip: bring tights for dress shopping. Also, wear some of your favorite pieces. This makes you see if something would fit with your current wardrobe. 

þ Hold on while shopping 
If you're unsure about an item, just hold on to it while making your round in the store. Sale shopping goes quickly so this way you won't be disappointed to see it's gone once you decide to get it.

þ Have fun 
You might just run in to an unexpected gem - that's ok ;)

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