Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How I'm going to celebrate tomorrow...

With my Master thesis due tomorrow morning (eeek!), my mind is drifting off to the exhilarating moment of handing it in. After the recent fiasco I'm not sure if I'll pass but I decided to celebrate tomorrow anyway. SO, I've set up a little 'celebration to do list'. And now I think I should start doing this every week...

I'll be celebrating my thesis deadline by doing exactly - and not only - this:
þ Get breakfast at my favorite place. 
(Too bad they canceled my signature sandwich. I swear on my shoe collection, everything I like to eat gets taken out of production. Story of my life.)
þ Cuddle with whoever is in a two meter radius at any given time.
þ Pierce my right ear again. (It will be my fifth ear stud. Pics promised!)
þ Visit a random movie in the middle of the day. 
þ Eat an enormous bag of chocolate Maltesers.
þ Buy two of those big, overpriced candles at Zara Home.
þ Have a cocktail that I've never tried before. Ok. Make that three.
þ Play Fire by Kasabian and crazy dance to it in my living room.
þ Wear my new and enormous faux fur. Just because.
þ Smile like a fool all day.

(photo via tumblr)

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